10 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean During the Summer

With Summer comes many fun activities to do outside. This can result in bringing some of the outdoors inside your car! Therefore, it’s important to be more thorough when tidying up your vehicle in the warmer months. Sun Auto Service shares these tips to keep your ride clean this season:

  1. Get Rid of Trash
    Start by getting rid of all the trash that has accumulated on the floors, under the seats, in the console and glove box and on the back ledge.
  2. Vacuum Everywhere
    Shake out the floor mats and then vacuum everywhere. Don’t forget under and between the seats, down in all the seat crevices and the backs of sun visors.
  3. Clean Surfaces, Windows and Mirrors
    Wipe down all hard surfaces with wet wipes or with an all-purpose spray cleaner and paper towels. Clean the windows and mirror the same way. Use wet cotton swabs for hard-to-reach places, such as cup holders and air vents.
  4. Organize the Glove and Console Boxes
    Put a first aid kit in your glove box for those little roadside emergencies. Also add a small box of wet wipes for cleaning dirty or dusty hands and dusting interior surfaces whenever needed.

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