5 Hacks to Keep Your Boat in Ship Shape

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the boating season is upon us. If your vessel has been locked away for the winter, it may well be time to give it a little spring-cleaning spruce up.

Keeping your boat clean in a vital part of maintenance, as keeping your hull smooth is key to ensuring that it can traverse the water smoothly, so let’s get the lowdown on how to keep your boat looking ship shape.

  1. Keep Your Hull Gleaming – Your boat hull is constantly exposed to the elements which can lead to corrosion. The hull of your boat can be cleaned with ordinary dish soap. Using a mild detergent such as Ivory dish soap mixed with warm water helps to keeps your hull looking clean without damaging the gel coat surface. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, ammonia or chlorine.
  2. Keep chrome shining bright – Keeping the chrome elements of your boat looking shiny gives a polished look, even if your vessel is otherwise in need of a clean-up. Simply use apple cider vinegar to clean over any chrome elements, and finish off by polishing with baby oil for a high shine.
  3. Microfiber towel magic – One of the key things to consider when cleaning the outsides of your boat is that you do not want to use anything which will leave scratches. Using a microfiber towel is a gentle, yet effective way to clean your boat. They can help buff, remove excess cleaner and wax, and also help to take the grime off of your boat. Keep some handy at all times, as they’re of course also helpful for getting rid of spills or stain inside too.
  4. Clean your vinyl boat seats and upholstery – The seats in your boat are made to withstand quite a lot! They are made of marine grade vinyl known for its properties to withstand damp and grimy environments. However, keeping them in great condition still requires regular care. If you have stains that have developed over time which just aren’t coming out with regular cleaner, try a Magic Eraser. Just wet one of the pads and scrub gently at the surface of your seats then follow up by wiping the areas with a clean, damp cloth.
  5. Keep mold at bay – With your boat being constantly around water, it’s not unusual for fabrics on your boat to become musty or moldy, but white vinegar can be your best friend! A great, cheap alternative to bleach or chemicals, it works well for both cleaning the interior of your boat as well as fabrics.

The real key to keeping your boat clean is regular upkeep, and while it can feel like trying to ‘turn back the tide’ to keep barnacles, stains, and mildew at bay, regular detailing does reap huge rewards.

If you’d rather be enjoying cruising than hosing down, get in touch with us at Rhinelander Collision on 715-369-1144 to find out more about our boat detailing and repair services.

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