August is Safe Traffic Awareness Month

National Traffic Awareness Month calls attention to the lives lost each year on the road. The goals of this month are to shed light on traffic safety rules to keep people safe on the roadways and eliminate the tragic losses experienced each year. Endurance shares safety tips for the road.

Road Trip Safety Tips

Avoid Speeding

The faster you’re going, the longer it takes for your vehicle to stop, and the less time you have to react to changes on the road ahead. As a result, following the speed limit can reduce the risk of a car accident and limit the damage if you run into hazards like dips in the road or speed bumps in school zones.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

You can’t avoid what you don’t notice. Therefore, always make sure to pay attention to your surroundings when you’re driving.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Any distraction behind the wheel can pull your attention away from the road at a critical moment. And these days, distractions are too easy to find with text messaging and social media.

More information on Safe Traffic Awareness Month is available here.

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