Vehicle Escape Tools

You never know when an accident will happen, and you never know when you will be unable to escape your vehicle because of one. AAA touches on the use of vehicle escape tools.

The 2019 AAA research report found car escape tools effective in breaking tempered windows.

The idea of being trapped anywhere can cause a …

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The Role of Technology in Preventing Car Accidents

We typically hear about technology causing car accidents by drivers being on a cell phone or distracted by another device. However, GBW Law investigates the technological advances that can help prevent collisions on the road.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is a safety feature that automatically applies the brakes when a collision with another vehicle or …

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How to De-ice Your Car’s Windshield

If you’re running late, you can bet your windshield will likely be icy, delaying you even further. AAA offers tips to de-ice your windshield in the most efficient ways.

Preventative Measures

The most effective way to prevent ice on a windshield is to park your car in a garage. Even a covered carport can help reduce ice …

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Road

The New Year brings good intentions into every aspect of life. Bring those good intentions to the road with these resolutions to drive safely in 2024.

Signal Your Intent

Just as you need to be aware of what other road users are doing, they need to know where you’re headed.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Follow your state’s laws for texting …

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Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

We are approaching the holiday season, which means millions of people will hit the roads to visit family and friends. We encourage you to prepare before you buckle up, to ensure a safe trip for all passengers. @NSC shares tips to making it safely to your holiday celebrations. Happy Holidays!


Prepare your car for Winter and …

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Get Ready for Winter Driving

The Northwoods is no stranger to Winter and Winter driving. However, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on reminders and tips for getting through the changing seasons safely. The National Safety Council lays out the steps to staying safe on the road.


Prepare Your Car for Winter

Test your battery.
Make sure the cooling system is …

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Prepare Your Car for Winter

There is much to prepare for during the Winter season. Making sure your car is ready is a key component of the changing season. Allstate lists the steps to take to ensure your car’s safety.

Get a Tune-Up

Start by popping the hood to check the wiper fluid level. Check the owner’s manual to be sure you’re …

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Halloween Safety Tips

Soon the streets will be filled with ghouls and goblins alike! With this spooky season, drivers and pedestrians need to be extra cautious on the roads with trick-0r-treaters and witches flying about.

Safety Tips for Drivers

Be alert for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Slow down and continue to scan the road in areas where they are likely to …

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Paintless Dent Repair: What Is It and Is It Worth It?

You want your car’s appearance to be at its best, not covered in dings and indents. If the paint has remained intact, paintless dent repair may be for you! Gerber Collision & Glass dives into what paintless dent repair is, and how it works.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

With paintless dent repair, the goal is …

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Five Tips for Driving During Deer Season

With Fall just around the corner, it won’t be long before deer season arrives. This brings a greater risk of getting into a deer-related accident. Below are some helpful tips from Allstate to keep you safe on the road.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It’s important to pay close attention to what’s around you — including deer …

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