Dealing with Salt Damage

We know the damage salt can do to your vehicle’s paint, and our state-of-the-art paint matching digital camera helps us to make quality repairs.

Why does salt damage cars?

Road salts damage cars mostly because they react chemically with water and air to speed up the oxidation process that causes rust. If left unchecked, rust can slowly corrode the metal body of the car and can also damage the exterior paint job. Similar processes may also result in the deterioration of other materials used in critical internal components of the car, like the fuel line and brake line, which are typically located on the undercarriage.

What are the most serious risks to my car from road salt?

The most obvious damage is also often the least important: corrosion to the visible exterior of the car. While salt may cause some pitting or other damage to the paint, it’s often cosmetic. More serious damage results from the salt coming into direct contact with metal – like on the car’s undercarriage. The EPA estimates that road salt causes $5 billion in damages yearly to vehicles and roadways.

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