Halloween Safety Tips

Soon the streets will be filled with ghouls and goblins alike! With this spooky season, drivers and pedestrians need to be extra cautious on the roads with trick-0r-treaters and witches flying about.

Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Be alert for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Slow down and continue to scan the road in areas where they are likely to be or where sight is limited.
  • On Halloween there will likely be more pedestrians on the roads and in places where they are not expected. Slower speeds save lives.
  • Stay alert for pedestrians who may come out from between parked cars or behind shrubbery.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  • Walk on a sidewalk if one is available and use crosswalks.
  • Before the Halloween festivities begin, create a “buddy system” to get each other home safely and prevent walking alone.

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