How to Avoid the Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Accidents happen every day. It’s important to know the most common types of accidents so that we can be informed, and make sure we are able to avoid them. Travelers has compiled a great list to help keep drivers safe and aware on the road.

  1. Rear-end Collisions
  • Keep your distance. Drive far enough behind the car in front of you so you can stop safely. This is especially true in inclement weather.
  • Don’t get distracted. Never take your eyes off the road to eat, read a text message or find your phone.
  • Don’t drive when drowsy or under the influence. You’re more likely to make driving errors when you’re sleepy or impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  1. Parked Car Damage
  • Go the distance. Don’t park in the busiest part of a parking lot. Instead, select a space away from heavy traffic.
  • Maximize the space. Always park in the center of a spot. Reposition your vehicle if it’s too close to a parking line.
  1. Single-vehicle Accidents
  • Drive for the weather. Even if yours is the only vehicle on the road on a rainy, snowy or icy day, drive at speeds that allow you to maintain control.
  • Always pay attention. Just because you’re the only person on the road doesn’t mean it’s okay to text, make hands-on phone calls or eat while driving.

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