How to Transport a Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look like Christmas! With that comes decorations, tasty desserts and Christmas Trees!


Now you may be wondering how you get that beautiful pine tree from the tree lot to your living room. has some helpful advice on how to transport your Christmas Tree safely and with your tree still looking pine.


Get your Christmas tree netted before leaving the lot to make it more manageable, and if it’s going on the roof, the tree’s trunk should be pointed toward the car’s front end. Both of these tips will help reduce wind damage to the pine needles.


Make sure to select a tree that will either fit inside your car’s cargo area or, if you have a roof rack, on top of your roof properly. Also ensure that you have enough rope or cord to wrap around the tree and secure it to the roof rack or to the cargo hooks.


Drive slowly and avoid the highway, especially if you’re not used to hauling heavy objects on your car’s roof. They affect your vehicle’s center of gravity and emergency handling.


For more tips on how to get your Christmas tree to your front door, visit


Happy Holidays!


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