Motorcycle Safety Tips

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the open road! There’s nothing like it, but accidents can happen so being prepared is a must. Stevenson-Klotz Injury Lawyers have put together some helpful tips to keep you safe on the road.

How Do I Inspect My Motorcycle?

If your bike has been sitting for a while, it is important to give it a once over to make sure that it is safe to take out on the road. Be sure to check these important components:

  • tire tread
  • tire pressure
  • headlights
  • turn signals
  • brake lights

It is also recommended that you get a tune-up once a year on your motorcycle. This not only keeps you safe on the roads, but it also protects the life of your motorcycle.

Should I Ride When It’s Hot?

Heat exhaustion is very common in motorcyclists in the hot summer weather. Try to avoid riding during the hottest hours of the day, which are the early afternoon to mid-afternoon. Instead, consider riding in the morning hours, which are usually much more pleasant, then stop for the afternoon to eat lunch, rest or enjoy some activities, then pick up riding later in the afternoon. It probably goes without saying, but in hot weather, it is extremely important to stay hydrated, especially if you are taking longer rides.

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