Warm Weather Car Emergency Kit

Emergencies aren’t designated to a specific season. Winter car emergency kits are critical, and we recommend warm weather car emergency kits for the Spring and Summer months.

High temperatures can cause problems when it comes to vehicle performance and the Summer heat can be brutal if you’re stuck waiting for a tow or roadside service. Here are some things that should be in everyone’s summer car emergency kit.

Visibility Equipment

Keep visibility equipment such as flares or reflective hazard triangles in your vehicle in case of roadside trouble.


Hydration is key when it comes to staying healthy during the Summer months, so be sure to keep water in your vehicle at all times. If you’re planning a road trip, plan to have one gallon of water per person.


Purchase a couple of sunscreen sticks to keep in your glove compartment or your first aid kit for times you’re stuck in the sun. When they’re empty, you can use them as a clever way to store cash in your car.

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