What to Do if You Hit Black Ice

Winter is here! Between slippery, snowy roads and low visibility in storms you also must be weary of black ice.


Black ice can be difficult to spot and equally difficult to navigate. Thankfully Western Slope Driving Institute has some helpful advice on how to drive on black ice.


Resist the Urge to Hit the Brakes


While it’s natural to want to brake when you begin to feel your vehicle swerve, braking will actually make you lose control and skid. Instead of braking, ease up on the gas and calmly tap the brakes to slow down.


Keep the Steering Wheel Straight


To avoid swerving off the road or into oncoming traffic, firmly hold your steering wheel straight. When you start to drift one way or the other, make sure you don’t drastically over correct on your steering wheel.


Slow Down by Decelerating or Shift to Lower Gear


Slowly let go of the gas pedal to slow down. Shifting to a lower gear provides your vehicle with more control. Vehicles with paddle shifters that allow drivers to easily shift to a lower gear gives drivers more control in the ice and in the snow.


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As always, if you do end up with a few bumps on your car, we are here to help. Give us a call at (715) 369-1144.

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